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Crystal Chandeliers cleaning.


1.  Most chandeliers are fragile and contain crystal components.

2.  You can simply leave the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Use a ladder to reach. Thus, there are no broken parts or crystal chandelier go.

3. Make sure the electricity is turned off, so that's not the lights. Water and electricity do not go together, this is very dangerous.

4. Put under the chandelier a blanket or comforter Donze to the crystals that are possible from falling not go broke.

5. Use warm water containing a small amount of detergent without the addition of lemon. Lemon touch the upper layer of the crystal to which it loses its luster. Does the water in your area much calcium? Please rainwater or distilled water to clean the chandelier.

6. To clean the chandelier crystals and it's best to use a new micro-fiber cloth. Dip the cloth regularly in warm water and wring it out thoroughly.

7. Using the cloth to rub the chandelier clean by gently on the crystal components and icicles.

8. You do not have the moisture on the crystal after brushing not Rubbing dry. This fact itself evaporates.

9. Make sure that the electrical parts of your crystal chandelier to come into contact with water.

10. To prevent deposits of crystals, never put a burning candle under the chandelier or blow. And obviously never gourmet and the like under a crystal chandelier.

We also have a service to you crystal chandeliers to maintain and / or cleaning.

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